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Robbie took the plunge and drove to see me in Mt Martha
to get his new headshots taken, they were a  big hit on Facebook!
….got to love photogenic people!Robbie

REPLAS Photo shoot

I just spent 5 days shooting and putting a Photo Video together for a fantastic company “RePlas” – they take our rubbish and turn it into durable long lasting furniture, decking and many other products!

_REP7963.jpgintro.jpgRePlas-5 (2).jpgRePlas-52.jpgRePlas-68.jpg

PLOS Cats Production Photos

Awesome Talented people – Great Photo opportunities!
If you get chance over the next two weeks Go and see it!
Info on Cats –

Cats (1).jpgCats (10).jpgCats (11).jpgCats (12).jpgCats (13).jpgCats (14).jpgCats (15).jpgCats (16).jpgCats (17).jpgCats (18).jpgCats (19).jpgCats (2).jpgCats (20).jpgCats (21).jpgCats (22).jpgCats (23).jpgCats (24).jpgCats (25).jpgCats (26).jpgCats (27).jpgCats (28).jpgCats (29).jpgCats (3).jpgCats (30).jpgCats (4).jpgCats (5).jpgCats (6).jpgCats (7).jpgCats (8).jpgCats (9).jpg


OLIVER Production Photos!

Peoples Playhouse – Kidz for Kidz.
OLIVER? 2011!! A couple of nights taking production photos of this fabulous
show in Cranbourne. Kids between 6 and 21 starred in this production.
I decided Blue LED lighting is a photographers worse nightmare!
But like all professionals we solider on and produce a fantastic result!


You Tube
My YouTube channel!
Photo videos, along  with some totally unrelated funny stuff!!

Mike Fletcher Photography On Facebook!

Hey I’m now on Facebook!
Check it out!

Subject to change!

Subject to change

Thanks Tara!

$50 Headshots this Saturday 18th June!

Yes thats right – in two days time – you will get $150 value for only $50!!

If you want a theatrical headshot or your image for a CV – call me to book!

Only 3 places left!!!