Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

My first attempt at short film making – Hannah’s Facebook page says “I just turned up in army boot and he did that”…
I decided to venture more into the video capabillities of my D3s along with still images.

Our day started at Mt Martha House, we wanted to use a smoke machine, however management declined the offer to cause the 5th accidental Fire Brigade call out for the year; due to smoke Machines!
We shot some footage using a makeshift dolly, took some dance photos and decided to move on.
Arrived at a dirt road which looked awesome but the midday sun wasn’t being our friend so it was abandoned.
2pm was our booking at the theatre – but this was delayed…..what to do? – Well I decided an abandoned building shoot would be awesome to add an edgy touch to the video. We drove pase the Ambassador Hotel, then saw it was open opportunity knocked and we answered the call.
On to the Theatre to complete the images – two days later – here is the finished work!
Thank you to the stunning Hannah Sabbatucci and Angela my right hand man, and very patient assistant, for your artistic suggestion and baggage handling skills!!

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At the Ballet

Today’s photo shoot took us all around the peninsula…
Mount Martha House was the first destination followed by
The Frankston Ambassador – a little run down to say the least (as you can see in the last two images – apologies for the graffiti), finished off at the George Jenkins Theatre!
Great day, great photos, great company….
Thanks Hannah and Angela!




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Video Around the Peninsula

What an epic 5 hour drive I had today with Mark from Replas.
Shooting their corporate video from Langwarrin to Red Hill.
Great idea of mine to film it in a moving car for a great effect,
not such a good idea for me and my motion sickness.
Arthurs Seat has a LOT of bends!
Let the Editing begin!!

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Dannielle, Ross and the Girls

I am going to love shooting this happy couples wedding in a couple of weeks !!
I met them in Dandenong for a Wedding Package pre shoot with the family,
Dannielle said, “You will know me, I’ll be the 1 with 4 screaming kids and a grey haired man!”



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Harley in the Park

They say don’t work with children or animals!…..
Harley was a little dynamo on Saturday – there is so much to discover in this Overport Park World!
Armed with his Matchbox toys (which he never let go of) we began a very cute shoot.
Thankyou Both for allowing me to capture his adventure!



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Fine Art Photography

I met Jan Randles who spent most of her working life in advertising.
She loves pinhole photography and slow shutter photography.
I would tend to call this style ‘blurry photography’ (I have deleted many in my time)
but after looking at her portfolio of pinhole and slow shutter photos – I’m beginning to
change my fine art mind – could be a cool thing to do a series on!
……..below, my attempt at ‘slow shutter’ photography!!!
I have named them “Blurry Cows” and Fuzzy Pencils”…..

fuzzy pencils with dog leads hanging beside!Two blury cows going up a hill!

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Saturdays the day for Parks!!!

Looking forward to spending the morning at Dandenong Park with Danielle, Ross and family, for a family
portrait session before their big day at the Sandown Regency mid September!

Then on to Frankston’s Overport Park in the afternoon to take photos of Kelly and her beautiful son Harley!

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Just added another beautiful lens to my Nikon Arsenal the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm F2.8 G ED.
Fantastic glass great for lowlight situations – which combined with a Nikkor 80-200mm and
Nikon D3s full frame camera makes for a great combination for almost any situation.


nikon gear

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My long drive to ballarat was…long! There was an old foundary (pictured) which I loved, so many layers of rusted and painted corrougated iron cladding the building!


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After a long Drive to Ballarat…..

I took the time to stop off in Frankston to investigate the pier and the people fishing there….
I saw the old man and imediatly thought – that would be a great picture….
as for the side of the pier I was experimenting with long exposure
for a few minutes I think that paid off….
….the things you do while waiting to pick up your daughter!


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