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Tracey & Cliff’s Wedding

Basterfield Park in Hampton East for a beautiful ceremony, followed by a snack at KFC, onto Brighton Beach Boxes and a beachside reception at the Chelsea Yacht Club. Busy day and lots of fun had the Bridal Party! Thank you for the great photo opportunities – I hope you like the results – Every wedding I do there is always one or two photos I can add to my favourites folder.

“These photos gave me goose bumps! They are beautiful! Thank you so much for doing such a brilliant job.. Thanks again to both you and Angela.” Tracy 



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AIPP Accreditation

After much deliberation and selection of photos to submit to get my Accreditation I finally bit the bullet and applied for my membership to this exclusive club!
Email received this morning…..

Dear Michael,
You have successfully passed the AIPP Portfolio Assessment.
You are now an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP.


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Cara and Alexis’ great make up Challenge

Thankyou to Cara and Alexis for the challenge of ‘creating as many different looks in one day!’
Thank you for the awesome catering! 



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Jess & Larry’s Wedding

Mt Martha was buzzing last Saturday as Jessics and Lawence walked down the isle of Mt Martha Uniting Church.
Following the Ceremony we made our way to the beach where we were met by the Life Saving Clubs Sand Buggy, which proved to be an added photo opportunity. Beautiful day – Great fun!

LJ (109).jpgLJ (128).jpgLJ (162).jpgLJ (214).jpgLJ (318).jpgLJ (357).jpgLJ (376).jpgLJ (389).jpgLJ (402).jpgLJ (406).jpgLJ (41).jpgLJ (427).jpgLJ (493).jpgLJ (53).jpgLJ (538).jpgLJ (558).jpgLJ (62).jpgLJ2012 (803 of 1325).jpg


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Nick & Avril’s Wedding!

What can I say NYE 2011!!
It was an event to be seen – Mornington Town here they come!!


bus stop.jpgAvNickWeb (13).jpgAvNickWeb (30).jpgAvNickWeb (42).jpgAvNickWeb (54).jpgAvNickWeb (136).jpgAvNickWeb (191).jpgAvNickWeb (203).jpgAvNickWeb (212).jpgAvNickWeb (219).jpgAvNickWeb (224).jpgAvNickWeb (259).jpgAvNickWeb (349).jpgAvNickWeb (430).jpgAvNickWeb (449).jpgAvNickWeb (460).jpgAvNickWeb (472).jpgAvNickWeb (488).jpg

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Larry & Jess’ Wedding!!

What a fun couple!
They took every moment as it came, which lead to some awesome photos in Mt Martha!
Congratulations Guys!

LJ2012 (803 of 1325).jpg


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Frankston Waterfront Festival 2012

 The Frankston Waterfront Festival 2012, I was commissioned by Frankston Council to cover this year’s event.
Fantastic weather and an amazing effort by Frankston Council and events coordinator Kylie Wood.


_ANW0765.jpgBAB_4242.jpgBAB_4262.jpgBAB_4276.jpgBAB_4347.jpgbridge.jpgFest (236).jpgFest (428).jpgFest (557).jpgFest (978).jpg

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David & Kate

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What a fun day at Edithvale Beach, 33 degrees in the shade, I know nothing about wind speed – but we lost our beach ball within the fist three clicks of the camera! However, we still had ‘a ball’ chasing a little dynamo around called Harry!!



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