Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

My first attempt at short film making – Hannah’s Facebook page says “I just turned up in army boot and he did that”…
I decided to venture more into the video capabillities of my D3s along with still images.

Our day started at Mt Martha House, we wanted to use a smoke machine, however management declined the offer to cause the 5th accidental Fire Brigade call out for the year; due to smoke Machines!
We shot some footage using a makeshift dolly, took some dance photos and decided to move on.
Arrived at a dirt road which looked awesome but the midday sun wasn’t being our friend so it was abandoned.
2pm was our booking at the theatre – but this was delayed…..what to do? – Well I decided an abandoned building shoot would be awesome to add an edgy touch to the video. We drove pase the Ambassador Hotel, then saw it was open opportunity knocked and we answered the call.
On to the Theatre to complete the images – two days later – here is the finished work!
Thank you to the stunning Hannah Sabbatucci and Angela my right hand man, and very patient assistant, for your artistic suggestion and baggage handling skills!!

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